About Us

About Us:

F.V. George is a former Civil servant (IPS – 1960 and IDAS – 1961) who was the first to conceptualise a training program for the banking sector competitive exams, having founded the Centre for Careers and Competitions (CCC) in 1983. Prior to founding CCC he has held important positions in the Government of India, the various public sector companies and various charitable trusts.
After launching CCC, he has successfully trained and transformed thousands of successful Probationary Office aspirants. He is widely regarded as the pioneer who transformed Kollam into the Bank competitive exam coaching city it is today.
Formerly operating opposite Fatima Mata National College, Kollam, the course is now conducted from the George residence at Trevally, Kollam and our training programme is designed to develop precisely these skills to the excellent level required for corporate careers. He has trained thousands of young aspirants to successfully achieve careers in the banking and financial sectors.